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MONSTER HIGH PLAYSET – Top Presents for Girls

Posted on January 25, 2019  in Home & Garden

Monster High is one of the most popular brands among young girls, so it’s an easy recommendation for Stay-At-Home Dad Reviews to say this is high up the list of top presents for girls.

My daughter had asked Santa for this Monster High Playset for Christmas, so we just had to cross our fingers that she made the nice list for the year and Jolly Old St. Nicholas would come through and deliver it to her Christmas morning. She’s a great kid, so I had a suspicion that she would make the list with ease and everything should work out fine.

But man, was she excited when she awoke Christmas morning to find she got the Monster High Playset she had been hoping for.

After opening presents Christmas morning, we actually leave one set of grandparents’ house to make the 2.5 hour drive back to Calgary to enjoy Christmas Dinner and presents with the other set of grandparents on Christmas night. It’s a tiring and hectic day, so we don’t have a chance that day to build or play with very many of the toys we’ve received.

My dad is an early riser though and loves to put together the kids presents, so I wasn’t surprised by the time I rolled out of bed Boxing Day morning that the Monster High Playset was already built and my daughter was happily playing with it in our living room. What did surprise me was the size of it though (Dimensions: 17 x 26 x 16 in.). That is one BIG Monster High Playset sitting in my living room! Still there to this day as a matter of fact, I was expecting it to be half the size.

As you can see in this picture it pretty much takes up the front of our fireplace and nearly touches the TV that hangs above it. I find that kind of awesome for some reason.

Monster High is a wildly popular fashion doll franchise created by Mattel. If you can think of it, they probably make a Monster High version of it: Movies, Dolls, Accessories, MegaBloks, Clothing, Video Games, School Supplies, Books, and on and on. And my daughter owns a ton of other Monster High stuff to go along with this Monster High Playset.

With its popularity, you can’t go wrong by purchasing anything Monster High for a girl around the 7-year-old age range. It’s a safe bet that they will enjoy the gift.


DAUGHTERS REVIEW: “I wanted it for Christmas because it looked really really cool in the box at the store. I love it, it has lots and lots of room for lots and lots of dolls to live and play in. There’s an awesome dragon on it that twists and turns and it’s such a great hiding spot when my dolls play hide and seek.”

DADS REVIEW: “If you’re looking for a Monster High Playset this size, I’d definitely recommend it. She’s still been playing with it every day since she got it nearly a year ago. Her and her dolls aren’t gentle with it either, so it’s proven to be very durable. And it definitely has a different and unique look to it compared to other run of the mill doll houses. Plus with how popular Monster High is for this age demographic, this Monster High Playset is definitely a top presents for girls idea.”