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JUNIOR GOLF CLUBS – Best Presents for Kids

Posted on January 25, 2019  in Home & Garden

Here at Stay-At-Home Dad Reviews we feel getting active, exercising, and sports activities are crucial to a young girls well being. That’s what makes a present from this review one of the best presents for kids.


My daughter likes to play quite a few sports actually, but the new one she picked up this summer was golfing. 

My parents had bought her a great set of US KIDS Junior Golf Clubs when she was a toddler, as my Dad is an avid golfer and wanted to be the one to buy my daughter her 1st set. The clubs were beautiful and the bag was very cute, all pink and black. Because they are one of the best presents for kids of either gender, they also bought sets of boy Junior Golf Clubs for my nephews when they got that age as well. 

But we had never taken her out to use them until this year when I took her to a driving range for the first time on Fathers Day Morning. 

When we got there, filled our buckets, and were ready to start swinging, it became painfully obvious that she had outgrown the size of Junior Golf Clubs she was trying to use by a couple of years. Luckily the golf pro that was there brought a properly sized Driver over and asked if she’d like to use it. Once she got a suitable sized club in her hand she took to it like a natural. Balls were flying off the tee box. Such a great Fathers Day.

Following that my daughter had some birthday money left and she decided without hesitation that the birthday money was going to a new, proper set of Junior Golf Clubs. So we went and spent an afternoon shopping for her new set. She ended up picking the RAM G FORCE Junior Golf Clubs. I’m surprised she went with the blue colored set, when there were pink options available. Haha.

Following that, the first time she went out on an actual course it was with me and both of her grandparents (my mom and dad). And she was excited because she could now show off her brand new set of clubs she had just bought.

It’s began to create some real nice family memories this past summer. She’s been out playing a handful of other times this summer with her grandparents as well. And another time when we were camping with family in BC, me and my cousin took her out as well.

This time before hand, I said to my daughter that if she wanted to come with us that she had to be out of bed and ready to go super early because the plan was to leave, go golfing, and comeback before any of the other kids had gotten up so we could make breakfast. She said that absolutely she was coming 100%, we even did our daddy-daughter secret handshake where she promised to get up that early. So me, my daughter, and cousin started the day off right – getting up at sunrise to hit the links! My daughter loved it once again.  

Scary thing is that she’s improving rapidly every single time. And she LOVES to play. Think I might have the next Annika Sorenstam on my hands. (Fingers Crossed)

Junior Golf Clubs typically come with three to five clubs – her set has a Driver, a Hybrid, a 7-Iron, a Wedge, and a Putter. A Golf Bag usually comes included with Junior Golf Clubs as well. Keep in mind though, that just because you’ve bought a bag with some clubs in it, you’re not quite done shopping yet. You still need: tees (my daughter likes the pink ones), you need balls (again my daughter likes the pink ones), a golf glove, (my daughters is just white), and golf shoes (those we have not yet purchased for her but will soon).


DAUGHTERS REVIEW: “I got to pick my own brand new set of Junior Golf Clubs. I was so happy to buy them with my own money. I love how excited I get when I putt the ball in the hole, and one time I even hit it all the way to the green on my first shot with my Driver!”

DADS REVIEW: I love golfing and wished I was able to do more of it. Maybe my daughter enjoying it will give me the motivation to do it more often again, on a more regular basis. So, yeah, definitely buy your children a set of Junior Golf Clubs. A family day at the course sounds like a perfect Saturday to me.”