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I Am in College Right Now

Posted on August 31, 2018  in News

Of course I have served in the U.S Navy for almost six years, beginning when I got out of high school and I have some money saved up in addition to my veteran’s benefits. It is a simple idea that I have, especially since I learned a good deal about computers and technology while I was serving in the Navy. In fact I could probably get a good job with someone like FedEx or UPS since I worked in that sort of area. At any rate right now I am learning about a snapchat hack on my own. My little brother got me started on this, and at first I thought that he was paranoid. However it turned out that he was right and his mother was spying on him. You would think that this would not be legal and it would not be if you were doing it to a phone that you were not the legal owner of. However since she paid for the phone, she is completely free to install anything she wants.

Of course I am just interested in this because I have sort of learned a little bit about cybersecurity and I have been thinking about that as an area I might focus. I have learned a little about computer languages and I have been trying to figure out what is the best thing to do if you want to learn about writing apps for smart phones. The attractiveness of this is really obvious if you just spent a long time in a highly structured organization like the Navy. You learn to accept discipline and all the rest, but you do not come to like being told what you are going to do every single moment of your life. I really want to be independent in a real sense, no boss save myself.