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FAVOURITE BOARD GAMES – Popular Toys for Kids

Posted on January 25, 2019  in Home & Garden

Helping you find the most popular toys for kids, Stay-At Home Dad Reviews brings you a comprehensive list of our…


I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t playing board and card games with certain members of my family. I learned how to play Scrabble and Rummy from my Grandmother, and Risk and Crib from my Father. I spent hours and hours playing games with these two, as did my sisters.

My Grandma would let me add an ‘A’ to any word I wanted in Scrabble for the extra points, since I was young and not very good. When playing with my dad, he made up a rule that whoever lost had to be the one to clean up and put away the game. It’s a rule I’ve taken with me and use while playing my daughters favourite board games with her.

I feel very lucky that my grandma instilled a love of her favourite board games into my dad, who in turn passed that same enjoyment down to me. Now the next generation has also grown up loving their favourite board games as well, as it’s pretty much the #1 thing my daughter suggests we do during any free time we have.

To represent our love of board games, we’ve decided to feature a Top 10 List – I promise you can’t go wrong buying and playing any of these games. My Daughter and I have spent countless hours having fun and laughing together playing the ones on her Favourite Board Game List.

So without further ado…


1.JENGA – (Ages 6+) Jenga is a game of mostly patience and steadiness. Players take turns removing a block of wood from a lower level and placing it on top of the tower. As the blocks continue to be removed from the bottom, the tower becomes more and more unstable. The fun is the nervousness that starts growing with each turn awaiting the tower to come crashing down.

2.PIE FACE – (Ages 5+) Pie Face is an extremely fun but messy game. Players load whip cream onto a plastic hand, place their face on the chin rest, and crank the handle a set number of times based on your spin. At random intervals the hand surprises you by delivering a pie face! The tension that builds with each click and turn of the handle is incredible from not knowing if the next one, is the one, that will get you a face full of whip cream. You will laugh and laugh every single time someone gets a Pie Face!

3.CLUE – (Ages 8+) A classic who-done-it? style Detective Game. With six suspects, it’s the players job to move around the board asking questions to figure out who committed the crime, with what weapon, and the location it took place. Was it Professor Plum, with the Lead Pipe, in the Ballroom? A great game for learning to use logic and reasoning to come up with a plans and theories. We own and play The Simpsons Edition.

4.PAYDAY – (Ages 8+) A classic game that actually outsold Monopoly in its first year of production. The board is set up like a calendar and players must navigate through the month until reaching Payday and having to pay their bills from the month. We usually play for 3 months with the winner being whoever was able to save the most money. Kids will learn easy math and budgeting lessons while having fun. My daughter loves it, it actually is a lot more fun than it sounds – each day is a surprise, maybe you’ll win Saturday’s lottery!

5.SEQUENCE – (Ages 7+) Sequence is part board game, part card game. It’s played in teams of two and quite challenging, but very fun, exciting and easy to learn. A player plays a card from their hand by putting a chip on the game board working towards building a line of five in a row – the trick comes in your teammate sits across the table from you so you don’t know what cards they are holding. My daughter loves it because we play when her grandparents come to town (Girls vs Boys).

6.CRANIUM – (Ages 16+) That’s not a typo – Cranium is a party game listed at 16+, but it involves charades, drawing, and trivia elements. All things my daughter loves, so we let her just join up as an extra on a team and let her take turns at these things when appropriate. Very easy to keep younger kid friendly. Her favourite is when a card comes up that makes her have to draw with her eyes closed while her teammates have to guess what it is. Ends up very funny and cute.

7.UNO – (Ages 7+) This was the first slightly complicated card game my daughter learned to play. She still has a hard time having to hold all seven cards in her hand so we just set a shield up she can hide her cards behind. She gets great joy in playing any wildcards against me or getting to yell Uno. We own and play two different versions of the game – the Shopkins version, and a waterproof version for playing in her grandparents hot tub.

8.HEADBANZ – (Ages 7+) A silly game in which you place a card holder band around your head and then have to ask yes or no questions until being able to guess the item that is on the card on your head. The fun comes because everyone else playing can see your card but you can’t so some of the questions end up way off base and funny to the others playing. Makes my daughter laugh often. We have the original version and the Shopkins version (this one is harder for me to play, as I’m unfamiliar with a lot of the individual Shopkins characters…but would be great fun for two children with more knowledge in that area).

9.KERPLUNK – (Ages 5+) A classic game that’s been around since 1967 and I’ve been playing since I was a child as well. Sticks are placed in a tube and then marbles are placed on top. Each player takes turns removing a stick and hope that no marbles fall to the floor. The player that has made the least amount of marbles fall after all of them have hit wins the game. A loud, fun, game for children no doubt.

10.GUESS WHO – (Ages 5+) A another classic game where you ask yes or no questions in order to guess your opponents mystery character. A great game for younger children that makes them have to problem solve and use their detective skills. We own and play the Disney Jr. Edition that features Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Doc McStuffins.

How about a bonus five more?

The Top 5 games she used to play, and really enjoyed through the years previous. Ones that were her favourite board games at a younger age.

What’s that, you answered yes and do want five more! Perfect, well here they are, just for you!



1.CANDYLAND – (Ages 3+) Playing Candyland is pretty much every childs first board game memory isn’t it? With fun gingerbread men as game pieces and colorful drawings of locations such as Lollipop Palace and Licorice Lagoon. Every child of a certain age should own this wonderful game.

2.SPUZZLE –  (Ages 4+) Players take turns flipping cards and building little 4 piece puzzles. We own and play the Disney Princess version that features Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, and Rapunzel. Our favourite part of the game is when a ‘SPUZZLE’ card gets drawn from the pile, everyone playing must scream out, “SPUZZLE!!!”

3.MINNIE BLOSSOM AND BOWS BOUQUET GAME – (Ages 3+) You spin the wheel to collect items to make a beautiful bouquet for a garden party. Whoever has collected the most items in their vase at the end of the game is the winner. But watch out for those Bees! It’s a really straightforward and fun game to set-up and play with the little ones. And honestly, we still play it sometimes to this day.

4.SURPRISE SLIDES – (Ages 3+) A fun little game where you use the spinner to go to colorful spaces around the board. Some spaces have such instructions as slide, flip, or shuffle which will change up the layout of the game board making it interesting for those playing. We own and play the Sofia the First Edition.

5.OPERATION – (Ages 4+) A battery operated classic game that was first produced in 1965. Great at teaching children hand eye coordination and working on their fine motor skills, as they try to avoid that famous buzzer. We own and play a Doc McStuffins version where Doc herself is the patient and we have to try to fix her boo-boo’s.



It’s supposed to be a list for kids games, but I can’t help but share a few of my favourite games as well.


**Warning that some of these are not up to her age range yet, and a few are very, very adult themed. We do not play those ones together obviously. This is MY LIST of games I enjoy to play as an adult with other adults.


 Here we go:


1.RISK – (Ages 10+) Risk is all about world domination! A strategy game for 2-6 players, Risk games have been known to easily take hours to complete. My dad taught me this game as a child and I still continue to play today with my friends. My favorite board game ever.

2.SCRABBLE – (Ages 8+) Scrabble is a classic word game that holds a sentimental place in my heart. Much of my childhood was spent playing Scrabble with my Grandmother on our family trips to see her. When she passed away, the only thing of hers I wanted as a keepsake was her Scrabble board, which still sits on the shelf with all of our other board games. Did you know? It’s currently sold in 121 Countries and is available in 29 different languages.

3.PICTIONARY – (Ages 8+) Hilarity ensues when you find out who in your family can’t draw very well. I don’t think my dad or sisters will ever forget the time I had to try and draw Dirty Dancing and after failing to make my two stick people look like they were dancing I thought more about the movie, and attempted to draw a baby in a corner…you know cause Patrick Swayze is awesome and the most famous line from the movie is “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”. Needless to say we did not get the points, and my family was dumbfounded that I started drawing Patrick Swayze quotes.

4.CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY – (Ages 17+) DEFINITELY NOT FOR CHILDREN OF ANY AGE. But in a room of only adults, Cards Against Humanity is easily the funniest and most inappropriate game I’ve ever played with a group of friends. After all it is marketed as “A party game for horrible people”.

5.TRIVIAL PURSUIT – (Ages 12+) I’m definitely better at getting the orange pie piece (sports & leisure) in this trivia game based around general knowledge and pop culture questions. Many different variations and question packs are available. Everything from The Beatles to World of Warcraft. As a kid my dad got me a junior edition to use against him while he played with the normal more advanced one – he’d still win, he’s a smart man my father.

I also tend to lean more towards basic card games, so just pick up a deck of cards and play some of my favourite ones: Crib (rules), Rummy (rules), and Hearts (rules). Or some of her favourites: Go Fish (rules) and Crazy Eights (rules).

Unlike some of the games in my board games list above, once your child hits an age where they can understand the rules and strategy involved in these basic card games, all of them are fantastic and fun.

Well there you go, all told we listed off 20 of our different favourite board games and five basic card games that we both love to play. These games would be a great way to start your board game closet off correctly and have a ton of fun at Family Game Night.


DAUGHTERS REVIEW: “They’re fun to play with family. It’s exciting when you win. Even when me and Daddy can’t think of something else to do we play our favourite board games because we know it’ll be fun – even when I lose and have to put the game away.”

DADS REVIEW: “I can’t think of a time in my life before playing all of my favourite board games. I also think they’re actually a great learning tool for children – it teaches them to follow instructions/rules, fair game play, and sportsmanship, both in how to handle winning and losing the right way. Plus the great bonding time you share with those you’re playing with. Strongest recommendation to grab one out of your closet, or purchase your favourite board games and start playing right away!”