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Everything About Vacuum Cleaners Types

Posted on February 25, 2019  in Home & Garden, News

Many people think that a vacuum cleaner is an equipment that you simply plug in and makes all the impurities in your house disappear. They’re wrong: there is much to consider when picking a model, and whatever it is its application, there is a different type of nozzle to clean properly, different power capacities and in some cases, even a specific aspiration.

Among the various types of vacuums available in the market, the vacuum cleaner is the original model, and provides you with the basic functions of a vacuum cleaner, and an effective cleaning capacity. With technology developments, the classical vacuum cleaner gained many useful facilities like automatic cord reel, special filters and even transparent reservoirs, which improves its cleaning capacity.

Vacuums for dust and water have special compartments and motors that allow not only cleaning off dust, but also to vacuum liquids, like a drink spilled on a carpet. It can even be used on damp surfaces, so it this model is really useful when it comes to clean your entire house. Multifunctional vacuums go even further than dust and water vacuums, as it also washes and dries carpets, curtains, sofas and even clean your car.

Of all the types available, the portable vacuum is the most practical, thanks to its small size and weight, making them the ideal choice to clean up the cracks of sofas and armchairs or clean crumbs from the table. On the downside, it has a lower power capacity, as it operates on lithium batteries.

The three models that clearly surpass the ones mentioned above are the top-notch combination of commodity and technology: the ultra-quiet vacuum, robot vacuum cleaners and “anti-allergies” vacuums. Ultra-quiet vacuums, as the name indicates, are more than silent indeed. Their noise levels only reach a maximum of 73 – the same volume as a conversation between two people; and they usually have a great power capacity.
But the true revolution in vacuum cleaners are intelligent vacuum cleaners: they are small, round in shape and have a movement range of 360º. These devices have sensors that detect dust accumulations on the floor and aspire it right away. Those sensors also facilitate the movement of the device around the house, avoiding collisions and falls. If you still want to know other types of vacuum cleaners that suit your needs, find out more.

Last but not least, “anti-allergies” vacuums rely on silver salts and ions to clean your house thoroughly, at a nano-molecular level. Such technology allows the vacuum to remove up to 90% of the impurities that might gather. Also, the usage of HEPA filters raises the cleaning capacity of this equipment close to 99%, which is equivalent to remove all of dust mites, dust and other contaminating particles.