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ELECTRIC GUITAR – Awesome Presents for Kids

Posted on January 25, 2019  in Home & Garden

It’s time to get musical as Stay-At-Home Dad Reviews continues our journey to help you find awesome presents for kids with a…


I took several months of both guitar and piano lessons when I was a kid, and now looking back, quitting them and not seeing it through is one of the bigger regrets I have. Music lessons and also the Taekwondo and Boxing lessons I only went to for a week a piece. In an alternate reality if I had just seen these things through and not quit immediately, right now I’d be a pretty awesome Elton John/Anderson Silva hybrid. But alas, instead I don’t have a musical or fighting bone in my body.

Anyway, I do have a cousin who grew up playing in various bands, first back home in high school and now in Calgary with a band that actually plays gigs here and there. And for my daughters first few Christmas’ he’d buy her real, actual instruments (apink electric guitar and a full sized keyboard). Not just kids toy ones, the real deal.

No one in my family cares about weather our house has room for whatever gift they’re buying, or if that present can’t even be used for another 5 years so we have to find room to store it until then. As long as a gift is awesome, those other parameters don’t exist. And my daughters pink electric guitar definitely qualifies as an awesome presents for kids!

So here’s a picture of my daughter the year she got the guitar for Christmas.

Versus a picture of her now, when she is finally at the age the guitar was intended for.

So yeah, this summer my daughter and I have embarked on Daddy/Daughter guitar lessons on her pink electric guitar. I found a basic beginner program online for now, just to dip our toes in the water and see if it’s something we take seriously enough to continue learning.

So far we can play the beginning five seconds of “Smoke On The Water” (as long as it’s only on one string). Haha. Real Rock ‘n’ Roll legends in the making.

My plan is for us to get decent at playing on this pink electric guitar before moving onto that keyboard I mentioned that is still sitting in my daughters closet (so expect a review of that sometime down the line). Who knows maybe one day with me tickling the ivories and her laying down face melting guitar solos we could take this show on the road! The Stay-At-Home Dad Reviews World Concert Series coming to a city near you in 2032! 

We just need to first take ten thousand more lessons AND find us a lead vocalist, and then print a ton of awesome tour t-shirts for the merchandise stands. After all of that is done, we’ll be able to hop on our own private tour bus that’ll take us on the road to fame and fortune!



DAUGHTERS REVIEW: “It’s been really fun to learn so far. Plus it’s my favourite color so the pink electric guitar looks awesome and cool.”

DADS REVIEW: “First off, her pink electric guitar looks really cool. But more importantly, for sure you should by a child a musical instrument, there’s so many things that can be learned from it: timing, rhythm, coordination, discipline, reading and writing sheet music. It’s always good to diversify a childs skill set. Plus you never know what is going to be the thing they find a passion for or natural ability at. I definitely recommend buying an awesome looking pink electric guitar like we have, or any other guitar or instrument for that matter.”