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Eco Friendly Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Posted on February 21, 2019  in Reviews

There is a growing awareness for the need for environmentally low impact products and this is also becoming increasingly important when it comes to furniture including an eco friendly mattress. Memory foam mattresses tend to have a reputation of not being very eco-conscious however there is a growing range of environmentally friendly memory foam mattresses available on the market.

Finding an eco friendly memory foam mattress is an important thing for many people. Memory foam mattresses often are laden full of toxins and have an environmentally friendly manufacturing process – these can be off putting and can also have many concerned about their health. As a result of health concerns with toxins and chemicals used but the desire of wanting to feel the comfort and good night’s sleep a memory foam mattress provides, many are looking for an eco-friendly version.

Fortunately there are plenty of eco-friendly memory foam mattresses on the market and this page has specifically been created to give you 2019 eco friendly memory foam mattress reviews so you can choose one that fits your requirements.

Select 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress by Select Foam

Select Foam use natural latex as well as all eco-friendly products in the manufacturing process of their memory ofam mattresses.  They use all natural organic materials in all their products.  The Select 8 inch memory foam mattress is a luxury memory foam mattress that really gives the Tempur-Pedic Classic foam mattress a run for its money.  It has 3 inches of 3.5lb memory foam, an air channel to help dissipate heat, a Coolmax cover to help keep you cool too, plus 90 day in home trial and lifetime warranty.

Select Conform 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Select Foam use all natural and organic materials for all their products. They use eco-friendly soy based products in the manufacturing process of their mattresses instead of petroleum and also use natural latex from the rubber tree. The Select Conform 10 inch memory foam mattress can be compared to the Tempurpedic Deluxe memory foam mattress – you get all the same features and quality (as well as an airflow channel to help dissipate heat) but at a fraction of the cost. This is a medium-firm mattress.

Foamex 10 Inch Premium Eco Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

The Foamex 10 inch memory foam mattress is made from Aerua Natural memory foam that is eco-friendly. It is made from plant-based ingredients instead of petroleum and the manufacturing process is also eco-friendly in that it has zero emissions. The Foamex memory foam mattress has many happy customers and is reasonably priced.

10 Inch Eco Memory Foam Mattress by Planet Sleep

The 10 inch eco memory foam mattress by Planet Sleep is made and formed using a pressurised chamber that gives the foam its properties (rather than chemicals) as well as preventing the escape of VOC byproducts from the process itno the atmosphere. As well as having an eco friendly manufacturing process, the cover to the mattress is made from sustainable anti-microbial bamboo.

12 Inch Eco Memory Foam Mattress by Planet Sleep

The 12 inch eco memory foam mattress by Planet Sleep is made using pressure instead of harmful toxins and has a beautiful 100% sustainable bamboo cover. The 12 inch mattress has 4 layers. It has a 3 inch top layer of quality memory foam, a 2 inch stay cool layer that helps ventilate the mattress, a 1 inch convoluted memory foam layer that gives durability to the mattress and a 6 inch layer of foam that also helps air circulate to keep you cool.


Category: Reviews

Stern Options Review

Posted on January 25, 2019  in Reviews

I am glad to offer a Stern Options Review– Everything from their world-class trading platform to their expert customer service system is what makes Stern Options a one-of-a-kind trading site. Trading with Stern is professional yet simple, meaning that any trader (regardless of skill or experience) can thrive here and feel like they’re being supported and cared for at all times.

I’ve used a variety of different trading sites in the past, and Stern Options has now become my go-to site when I want a seamless and hassle-free trading experience. I’ve recommended it to anyone who asks me which site I would suggest using, and I’d recommend it to you too.

If you consider yourself to be a serious trader or if you’re a newcomer wishing to test the waters, you will never look back once you begin trading with Stern. To find out more about why I love this site so much, carry on reading!

First Impressions

When I first came across Stern Options, it immediately portrayed an essence of professionality combined with approachability. I wasn’t intimidated by this site at all, but I still got the sense that they were serious about what they do and provide a world-class service.

Upon exploring all the different pages Stern has to offer, I found their FAQ page to be most helpful. Answering all the burning questions any legitimate trader would have on everything from banking to contact hours, this site really came across as going the extra mile to ensure their clients are happy and secure at all times.

In fact, to find out even more and test the waters of the service myself, I even made a quick call to their customer service team to enquire about their trading platform and whether there was anything else they could tell me. First impression wise, the person I spoke to was expertly professional and couldn’t do enough to help me, whilst being happy to answer any questions I had which was a great aspect to see.

Stern Options Review Pros

As well as their excellent customer service support that immediately came across to me upon discovering the site, I also began to realise that trading with Stern is an option for any trader regardless of experience or previous knowledge.
I checked out their educational resources, and it became clear that they put a huge amount of time and dedication into improving the knowledge of new traders, as well as personally coaching them into becoming experts.

I thought this was a great asset to the site as, when I look back to when I was new to the Binary Options trading world, the thought of branching out to a trading site and making my first ever trade was quite intimidating and scary. If I’d had the resources Stern Options have to offer (completely free if you create an account!), it would have put my mind at ease and really helped me along my trading journey.

I also really like how they require numerous forms of documentation and ID for verification purposes. Whilst this is common on a lot of trading sites, Stern give you step-by-step instructions on how to present your documents to ensure you get it right the first time round. This saves a lot of time and verifies your account much quicker in the long-run. It also gives clients peace of mind that, once verified, their account will be 100% secure and free from compromise – an absolute essential in the world of trading.


As I’ve been consistently impressed with my entire experience with Stern Options, it’s hard to come up with any negatives for my Stern Options review. However, when I look back to when I first created my account, I do remember that my first withdrawal took a lot longer than average to process. But, after contacting their team, I was told that it’s relatively common for the first withdrawal from a new account to take longer, and all my subsequent withdrawals since then have been swift and problem-free.

Conclusions for my Stern Options Review

Overall, trading with Stern will offer you an experience like no other. Providing exceptional care towards the welfare and satisfaction of their clients, the service and trading options they provide are second-to-none, and I would highly recommend this site to anyone!