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A Great Celebration for My Son

Posted on April 5, 2019  in News

I wanted to find some quality Bar Mitzvah entertainment options because we were expecting a huge turnout for our son’s event. We already had the meal planned along with some special family moments, but we wanted this to be a celebration that would be fun for everyone attending. I had heard of an entertainment company before, so I went to their website to see if they offer any kind of entertainment options for a Bar Mitzvah. I was happy to see that they offer entertainment for any kind of event, including my son’s special one.

I was very happy that the website had detailed information on how a Bar Mitzvah celebration goes. This was not because I had no idea. I have been to my share of them over the years! It was because I had comfort in knowing that this company understands just how special this celebration is and what kind of entertainment is appropriate for the different parts of a Bar Mitzvah celebration. For the cocktail hour, I decided to have a keepsake artist so everyone attending would be able to take a memento home from it. There were several options, but I knew that a couple of caricature artists would be the best.

For the main reception, I wanted to have something for both the adults as well as the children. For the adults, I had the live band come out and entertain us with excellent music that we were all able to dance to. For the kids, we had a couple of different things. The magician was a huge hit, and we also had a few games for the younger guests. This turned out to be a wonderful celebration for my son, and my friends and family members are still talking about what a great time they had there!