If you are starting in the world of online casino siteleri you should know that roulette is one of the simplest games we find in the casino. The only thing we have to be clear about is, what bets we are going to make and what strategy we want to follow. In this post we will explain, at the basic level, what bets are on roulette and what odds of winning each one has. We will also talk about the best known strategies to win in online roulette. Roulette is a game that consists of trying to predict the number in which a ball that spins around it will fall. The numbers can be red or black and sometimes green (number 0). A bet is placed by placing the chips on the mat in the places where it suits us (number, pair, red …). Once the spin is finished according to the number in which the ball falls we will win or lose. Depending on the mode, roulette has a large number of numbers so getting the exact number is a great challenge. This bet is known as full and its probability in a European roulette is 2.78% with a profit of 35 times the money wagered. When we place our chips between two adjacent numbers we will be placing the bet known as horse. It has a probability of 5.41% and a profit of 17 times the money wagered. The transversal bet is in which we bet on three adjacent numbers. It is usually done in the area where the mat is 0, this being one of the three numbers chosen. The wagered money is paid 11 times and has a winning probability of 8.1%. The next bet that pays the most would be the box. As the name implies, it consists of placing the chips between 4 numbers in a grid and the benefit in case of winning is 8 times the money wagered. The probability of winning with the table is 10.8%. We can also make safer bets but that provide less benefit to the player. On the one hand, we have bets on any of the three dozen numbers that appear divided on the mat. Another possibility is the bet on columns. Both options have a probability of 32.4% and a gain of 2 times the money wagered. The bets most likely for the casino to lose are the so-called outside bets. In them the probability of winning is 48.6%, one of the highest odds that exists in casinos after blackjack playing with the basic strategy. These bets consist of betting on a group of 18 numbers that can be red or black, even or odd and pass (from 1 to 18) or lack (from 19 to 36). All of them have a gain of 1 time the money bet, that is, we would win twice what we have bet.

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